Sunday, June 30, 2013

Creating a Reverb in Ableton Live for Minimal Techno

Creating a Reverb in Ableton Live for Minimal Techno

The following settings can be applied to Ableton's Reverb to generate a Plate Type Reverberation on Minimal Techno Percussion.


Set the Predelay to zero for a more authentic Plate sound

Start with a Decay Time of around 280 ms and map this parameter to a rack.  Gently increase the Decay Time for the desired effect noting that generally Minimal Tech Drums are not soaked in Reverb

Diffusion set to 3 db to make the sound denser

Decrease the early reflections for a more authentic sound

Low 'Size' values give sounds closer to Springs and Plates

Shape at zero to give the Reverb more bite

Add to taste, very small amount on Kick, -10 on snare, lots on Shakers -1, 

Room Verb 

These settings are a starting point for adding a room Verb to Minimal Tech drum percussion

Add Sparingly:  Do not forget that Minimal Tech isn't soaked in Reverb, Just add enough to colour the overall sound with small tails

Pan the two reverbs hard left and right for an interesting stereo effect


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