Friday, June 6, 2014

Processing Vocals

Some tips for processing Vocals.

1. Use a corrective EQ to roll off low end from the mix.  Also, check for resonance around the 200Hz mark.

2. Add a compressor.  The attack and release play an important part.  Normally a fast attack will push your vocal back into the mix, if you want to have the vocal to be more upfront then increase the attack time. Same logic applies to the release, wherein a slow release will push your vocal back into a mix and a quick/medium release will make it up front and bigger.

3.  Add an EQ after the vocal. Add a little 2-3 db boost at 10 k and 2 -3 b boost at 4.2k for presence. Watch out for sibilance between 4 - 5k

4. The CL2A works really well on vocals.

5. For sibilance, use Sonnox or manually go through the audio file and reduce the volume on the S's manually. A good way to test the Strength is to push it so that the singer sounds like they have lost their teeth.  Then ease back until the vocal sounds nice again.

6.  Plate reverb works nice on vocal.Slow tracks long reverb.

The key is to have the predelay set right

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